Daily schedule

Here is a typical day at the Montessori school in Pau:


In the morning, children arrive with their lunchbox (hot meal inside a thermos) or with a
meal that does not need to be reheated (salad, sandwich, etc.). Food that needs to be cooled is put in the refrigerator. After morning recess, the children set up tables for the meal in the classroom. An adult accompanies the meal of about 8 to 10 children. The adults change table groups every day so that the
children can speak French or English depending on which educator is eating with them.

Nap time

After the meal, one of the educators from the 3-6 year-old class accompanies the children who need to take a nap in the nap room. After reading a few books and songs, they can rest for as long as they need.

 Quiet time

After the afternoon recess, there is quiet time for children who do not take a nap. We offer storytelling, yoga, listening to music …